"As a sophomore following Jay’s strategic approach on optimizing college learning for my career, I learned more about defining my career objectives and executing them than i learned all through my college years. I still wonder why they don’t teach Jay’s stuff in colleges and universities."

Yohan D. - Credit Risk Analyst


What are the benefits of Careerology101 for your University and for your students


We have the exact same objective : Helping each student get the right job ASAP !
One of the biggest challenges we see with college graduates is how long it takes them to find an adequate job.
Research shows that more than 50% of graduates take 7 months or more to find a job that is in line with their expectations. Employers are more and more reluctant to hire non-experience candidates and it thereby becomes even more complicated for fresh graduates to nail a highly qualified job in line with their career aspirations. 
At Careerology101, we know it all starts with the students' preparation for their career while in college or university. They both do a great job at providing students with high quality knowledge but students have a hard time transforming this theoretical knowledge into a valuable proposition for potential employers. 
After showing them how they can determine their ideal Career Path, we teach students how to become valuable candidates by firstly getting them to specialize as much as possible in one or two market needs while they are in college. We then teach them how to demonstrate value to the firms addressing these needs. With our approach, students start becoming valuable candidates even without a working experience in that respective market sector.
By understanding and applying the principles of Careerology101, students, on average, reduce the time it takes them to find a good job by more than half (usually 3 to 4 months instead of 7 months or more). We are referring here to the time it takes for a students to find a job that is in line with his or her expectations.
At Careerology101, we see a lot of students getting good job offers even before they have graduated.


Good Universities, Colleges, or Business Schools transmit great knowledge to their students, but this education doesn't come cheap. Being providers of non-tangible value ourselves, we understand how good education can seem too extensive when not exploited to its maximum.
That is precisely why we want to help you maximize your students' ROI for the price they pay to be at your school or university.
Your students most certainly appreciate what their school or university has to offer. But imagine if they had a clear strategy showing them how to use every single service their school or university has to offer as a tool to prepare or launch their career. 
This approach occurs when we help students take active control of all the resources available at their University or school. The idea here is for students to actively look for and become creative about using their school's or university's resources towards their career preparation. Students can increase their ROI for their financial and time investment in education when they apply our strategy. For everybody's benefit, Careerology101 teaches them how to exploit their University's or school's resources within their defined career goal.
When this approach is in place, happy students are even happier and thus appreciate even more each class and service offered by their University.
Another important point regarding ROI is about teaching students how to systematically be perceived as the most valuable candidates for the job they target. It is not uncommon for students following the Careerology101 approach to be preferred over candidates with a higher degree. For instance, after applying the Careerology101 approach, we see BA students get selected over MBA students.


Giving students guidelines about how they should best prepare to launch their career is NOT sufficient. A lot of them do not stick to the guidelines, while others do NOT even try because they believe that nothing will help them out.
At Careerology101, we analyzed in great length the reasons behind the most successful young professionals. To sum it up, it all has to do with the MINDSET. Why do some students feel like they can achieve anything? and why do other student shy off as soon as they feel challenged?
We teach students about their subconscious minds and how it influences each an every decision they make. Then, we show them how they can identify Limiting Beliefs and how they can reverse these beliefs or replace them with empowering ones.
We see first place the impact that the subconscious mind has on students' mindset, and thereby on their future. This point is often underestimated. With some pretty simple but very efficient techniques, we teach students how to test themselves, identify subconscious limitation and ultimately make their subconscious mind work for them, rather than against them.


Jay comes with 23 years of experience in Business Management, Strategic Business Development and Consultancy at CEO-level. Jay also served as Senior Executive at several companies such as Oracle or FAST Search (former biz unit at Microsoft). He has launched several businesses and had to hire dozens of young professionals to achieve his business goals.
Jay perfectly understands the ins and outs of corporate hiring. The Careerology101 system was first developed to serve Jay's needs in hiring the right people and in assigning them to the right job. He then decided to go beyond the corporate world and dedicate himself to helping students , young professionals launch or re-launch their careers in optimal conditions.
Jay is the author of the book "Careerology101: How to Get Employers to Fight for YOU". He has also developed a mobile app "Careerology101" that can anyone can use to define their Professional Radar Map (TM).
Jay is fluent in English, French, Romanian and at conversational level in Italian, Spanish and German. 
Beyond his business experience, Jay has spent years researching various approaches related to personal and professional performance. With Careerology101, Jay has eventually developed his own vision and approach on how to define one career path and how to exploit the capabilities of one's mind to achieve targeted professional objectives.

How can Careerology101 help your students ?

"I was 3 month away from graduation and did NOT know what career or job to aim for. Through his workshop, Jay opened my eyes and had me see how to take advantage of my degree and target a job that is actually in line with my real Professional Profile. "

Pedro B. - B.A Business Administration

Contact us at + 33 (0) 607 044 011 or at jay(at)careerology101.com for more details


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